Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – April 2022

Desk of the Executive Officer

The time has come to clean up, pack up, and move on out. We want to thank the Navy for allowing us to report to the NOSC during our winter months. As always they have been great hosts and provided everything we needed to have a successful drill.

We will be reporting to the NOSC for Saturday and drill there all day. We will make sure everything that is going with us to the ships will be packed into the various vehicles. On Sunday we will report to the Buffalo Naval Park and unpack the vehicles and setup our operations once again aboard The Sullivans and The Little Rock.

The PRT will be run some time during this drill. This is a must pass test! As some of you have experienced your promotions, and trainings are restricted when you either do not perform or fail the PRT. We will work with anyone who has challenges passing this test but ultimately you must pass the PRT. Please make sure you have PT gear and are ready to pass the PRT.

I would like to wrap up the Quarterdeck passwords. This is the password you use to get into your coursework and exams. If you have not already provided it to me last drill please come prepared with it this drill. If you are not sure if you provided it to me already bring it with you.

Finally please make sure your parents read the parent note in this newsletter pertaining to picking up cadets.

LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC

XO The Sullivans Division/Training Ship Little Rock

Desk of the Operations Officer

Good afternoon all. This drill weekend will involve packing up the NOSC on Saturday and moving into the ships on Sunday. POD’s will reflect such, but as always we must remain flexible and ready for changes. Also please not that NHQ has issued a new uniform manual, please make sure you are familiar with the changes and are in compliance. All manuals can be found on the Homeport website.

Desk of the Awards and Ribbons Officer

Some of you have already brought in your report cards for the Academic Achievement Ribbon. Remember to bring in your report cards and I will look over to see if you qualify for a ribbon. This is one of several opportunities you can earn a ribbon just by doing what you already are doing. Also as our best recruiters if you bring in someone into the Sea Cadets you can earn your recruiting ribbon as well as have someone you know in the program. Any questions about earning any ribbons please see the awards manual on Homeport or send a chit up at drill and we can discuss it.

Desk of the OIC of LTC


If you were assigned the Career Project and have not already done so, be prepared to present your Career Presentation at April Drill; remember it is to be in poster or slideshow form. If you’re doing a slideshow, it is recommended NOT to use Google Slides, as we cannot guarantee internet access.  

Additionally, you all need to remember to bring a notebook and pen/pencil.  It is a requirement for all drills, as is a water bottle.

Lastly, I hope you are not waiting until the last minute to get ready for the PRT this Spring.  Remember, the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) is a requirement to be a cadet in good standing.  If you know the run, sit-ups, and/or planks are difficult for you and you’re not already working on it, you’re going to regret it.  Get up and move!


LT Fallon


It is required for us to have eye contact with you before we release your cadet! This is for the safety of your cadet. I know at the NOSC this is inconvenient, but going forward we cannot and will not release your cadet until we have eye contact with a parent or guardian. Please make sure you come in to pick up your cadet. The same rule will apply to the Naval Park. You will need to come aboard ship in order for us to release your cadet. Thank you for your understanding, but we do not want to have any incidents.

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