Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – SEPTEMBER 2020

From The Desk of the XO

The summer has limped to an end for 2020. This summer has been a disappointment for many, and filled with questions, frustrations, fear, and heartache for some. I’m reminded of a quote though in these troubling times; “There are far better things ahead than we ever leave behind. -C.S. Lewis” All of us have the power to reshape and change the future; we only need to find the courage within ourselves to make it so. Encouraging a shipmate to stay the course may seem insignificant now, but may be life changing for them in the future. A kind word or a good deed to someone you don’t know well, may be all that is needed to change that person’s life forever.
We see BIG news headlines with unsolvable problems, but I say it starts with YOU. The biggest thing you can do is have and show RESPECT! Respect is part of what makes great leaders. Respect the people you lead, as much as the people you follow. What makes this country the greatest country in the world is our diversity, and our ability to work with each other as Americans. We have lost a little bit of that and it hurts. We need to double our efforts to see the other person’s side. Learn to agree to disagree without hatred, anger, or malice against that person. We are a people of different color, religion, political affiliation, and ethnicity to name a few. We will NEVER fully agree with each other’s point of view, but if we can learn to RESPECT their point of view and the differences, and learn to work with those differences we will start to put aside the hurt. As cadets you are striving to become leaders, learning to solve conflict become the peacemakers, and lead our country and businesses into a better future. The road will not always be smooth, but together we will do our best to get there.
On to some unit business. We will be at the Naval Park and the ships this month for drill and most likely October. We are still looking to shore up our regular winter location at the NOSC, but with COVID that may be in limbo. We will possibly need to think outside the box for drill ideas, including going back to virtual. Virtual is not the way we would like to do business, but if need be please work on suggestions or ideas to make them a little more entertaining. We are still looking for ideas from you as to what you would like to see from YOUR program, especially during our winter months. I would like to welcome and introduce our two newest officers to join the Sullivans Instructor Brittany Smorol will be taking over the galley functions. We also have Instructor Branden Gums. Instructor Gums will be working as our supply officer, as Instructor Diane Paul will be leaving us. Instructor Gums will also be billeted as our Public Affairs Officer. You may see him around and about with a camera in the near future helping to show off what we do around here. Please extend the warmest welcome to these newest officers. We will also be trying to get more of our officer staff up in front of cadets. I know some of you are having some issues with Polaris and coursework. Please make a detailed email, with screenshots if you can, outlining the problems you face and send that up the chain. We are working with headquarters to get the issues fixed but I need examples if you have them. For those who don’t have issues please make sure you are up to date on course work.
The community service project aboard the PTF-17 is coming along great. I know they were very pleased with the work that has already been done. I hope to have the team out there again this coming drill to get as much of that cannon scraped and cleaned as we can. Let’s make sure we get some pictures of the work being done as well.

LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC
XO The Sullivans Division/Training Ship Little Rock

Sea Bag List
REMEMBER, even if it is not an overnight drill, you are still required to have a sea bag with the necessary contents. Meals are $10 per cadet for the weekend. Please make sure you have your money. Exact change is preferred. Thank you.
✓ Sneakers and PT gear.
✓ NWU uniform and/or Dress Uniform See Drill Date Section for what is needed
✓ Pens and pencils, paper, and coursework
✓ Bring appropriate outdoor clothing in case we go outside!

Recruitment Information
Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative
who is interested in joining, let LCDR J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program
to them.

Shooting Information
On hold till further notice

Upcoming Events
Cadets – We are looking to do a possible overnight at Genesee County Park for October 3/4. To do this we would need to camp out in tents. We need to know by drill if you have a tent that you can use as we need to keep everyone socially distant.