Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – AUGUST 2020

From The Desk of the CO

Fresh Start!
I want to give a big Bravo Zulu to our Orientation, Recruit Training and POLA graduates. It was an extremely hot yet educational experience for everyone involved. ENS Lawson made the entire training with his hard work to bring the damage control simulator to life. I have a big thank you for all our officers hard work in making this a quality training.

With all the cadets fresh out of orientation and recruit training, the future looks bright and the POLA cadets were asked to provide a fresh look at being a leader in the Sullivan Division. As our motto “we stick together” is reinforced I have asked all our cadets to participate in making the division the best it can be. This will be accomplished by taking care of the little things such as coursework, attendance, active participation and striving to be the best. This is a goal that the XO and I believe is reachable and we know so because our cadets have the potential to do anything you put your mind to.

I again want to say that all our Buffalo training cadets put their best foot forward at the training. Let us keep the momentum created last week rolling through the rest of the year. I am proud of the entire division and look forward to seeing what the future brings.

LCDR Todd A. Caughill

We regret to announce the unfortunate passing of a man who helped this program with his entire heart and soul. LCDR Charles T. Alaimo sadly passed away on 24JUL2020 at the age of 80. LCDR Alaimo was a two time Commanding Officer of the Sullivans Division/T.S. Little Rock and served as the NLUS Youth Chair for many years. LCDR Alaimo also served as an officer and special command assistant with the unit over a number of years, supervising the training of a number of current officers when they were cadets in the program, including: LCDR J. Pawli Regional Director of Region 3-5, ENS M. Kromphardt-RTC OIC, ENS. R. Caughill-Operations Officer, and ENS. S. Simone (Auxiliary) ATC OIC. His presence and wealth of knowledge, his drive and passion for the program will be missed.

From the Desk of the XO

The Buffalo Training contingent is finished, congratulations to all who participated and graduated. I was reminded this week of a saying that goes “it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you just do.” I used to think there was some truth to that, but recently I believe it MOSTLY matters how you get there. It is more important that you finish with honesty, integrity, and giving it your all. I watched plenty of that this week at training. We started and continued our building of leaders with RT and POLA. They learned what you do and how you do it is as important as just finishing it. I was impressed to see recruits giving everything they had to finish the training. As most of you know RT is not an easy endeavor, it takes plenty out of you. This year’s training may not have been the same as past years, but I believe the training had plenty of stressful and pressure situations to it. I was equally impressed with POLA and the commitment to other shipmates. “We Stick Together” must be more than a catchy phrase. It is important to know that a shipmate, friend or family member is with you and will stand by you.
Now that the training season is winding down, we need to turn our attention to unit business. We need to grow our ranks, and fast. You are our best advocates and advertisements for the Sea cadets get out there and spread the word. We need some work in our supply this week that will need some help cleaning and clearing out. We also have a community service opportunity preserving the cannon on the PTF-17 across from the Sullivans.

Polaris is up and running, but as with any new system there are some problems and issues at the moment. Headquarters is working on getting the bugs out and as soon as they are done you should have access to the correct coursework. When this is up and running again, I hope to see the coursework completions start to roll in again.

The sea cadets, particularly The Sullivans Division lost a good officer and a great man this month. LCDR Alaimo was good man that gave so much to this program and the people surrounding it. He was active in the cadets right up to his passing. He will be greatly missed. “Fair winds and following seas sir. We have the watch.”

As we start to drill remember to finish strong, with integrity, honesty, and giving it your all. In all things always “Stick Together”

LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC
XO The Sullivans Division/Training Ship Little Rock

Sea Bag List
REMEMBER, even if it is not an overnight drill, you are still required to have a sea bag with the necessary contents. Meals are $10 per cadet for the weekend. Please make sure you have your money. Exact change is preferred. Thank you.

Sneakers and PT gear.
NWU uniform and/or Dress Uniform. See Drill Date Section for what is needed.
Pens and pencils, paper, and coursework
Bring appropriate outdoor clothing in case we go outside!

Recruitment Information
Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative who is interested in joining, let LCDR J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program to them.

Shooting Information
On hold till further notice