Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – JULY 2020

From The Desk of the CO

Moving Forward
As NYS starts to open up we are allowed to start drilling following proper precautions. Information on our next drill is below.
When arriving to drill you will need to have the attached forms filled out and signed, if you do not have a printer forms will be available. We are just trying to make the check in procedure a bit faster. Please note for Saturday Drill any parent or family member staying for graduation/picnic will need the same forms filled out. This is for our protection and theirs.
Everyone must come wearing a mask. Masks must be worn when you can’t be 6 feet apart. At Saturday drill all cadets will be provided with 2 reusable masks that they must bring to every drill as this is now a part
of their uniform. If they forget we will have disposable masks on hand at the cost of $1.00 each.
Date 11 Jul2020 – Saturday
Location Genesee County Parks & Forrest -11095 Bethany Center Rd, East Bethany, NY 14054
Pavilion E & E1
Uniform of the Day – BDU or NWU’s bring PT Gear
Report time – 0900
Dismissal – 1600
Family Picnic and Graduation will take place – Please contact Debbie Tompkins at on how
many people will be there so we can properly plan for food. Only immediate family (those in your household may come).
As stated above they will need a mask when they can’t be socially distant and will have to fill out the attached forms.
Please bring a lawn chair if you have one.
We will be having a brief parent meeting at this time to bring everyone up to speed and answer any questions you may have. We strongly suggest you attend.
Date 12Jul2020
Location Buffalo Naval Park
Report time 0800 – Please pull into the big lot over by Templeton landing across from the Big Flag we will do out check in there.
Uniform of the Day – BDU or NWU’s bring PT Gear
Dismissal time 1545 – Dismissal will be at the same parking lot as in the morning as parents will not be allowed on the ship.

A lot has changed since we last were together, not the least has been an addition to our uniform. When we gather in any setting we will need to be wearing a mask when not able to maintain a 6 foot distance. There are many opinions on the masks some pro and some con, as of now they are to be treated as you would your boots, they are required.

We have plenty to restart and lots to look forward to with our program. We have new petty officers, and new leadership. We are hoping to have some if not all of our graduates on hand for a graduation ceremony. These cadets have served our unit well for many years and I am hopeful we can send them off to their respective careers, education, and service the way the Sullivans have done for many years.

Things may not always be as they have been in this COVID environment, but we will press onward in the safest manner possible. We need to operate in the safest possible way to avoid any downtime or illness to our shipmates and our friends.

There is plenty for us to do to try to get restarted. In order to get up and running as fast as possible we need you to be as prepared as possible. Please make sure you have your uniform ready, and are focused on drill activities.

I am looking forward to finally serving with this unit once again. We will be drilling at Genesee County Park on Saturday, a place we a very familiar with and The Naval Park on Sunday. As with everything else this year the Naval Park is full of changes as well and we will discuss many of those changes we gather there on Sunday.

LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC
XO The Sullivans Division/Training Ship Little Rock

Drill dates for the 2020 year.
Drill Dates moving forward will be announced as events unfold. Please watch you emails for REQUIRED zoom meeting.
JULY 11/12 SUMMER TRAINING 2020 – 7/25 -7/29

Recruitment Information
Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative who is interested in joining, let LCDR J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program to them.