Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – JUNE 2020

From The Desk of the CO

Hello Cadets & Parents,

As we start to reopen we are looking forward to hopefully drilling within the next month. We may not be on the ship but at least we can start to have a routine again. As soon as we get the OK to drill we will send out an email stating when and where.

Next order of business is I would like to Congratulate our Graduating Cadets. As you move on with this next phase in your life we wish you all the best. You have accomplished so much already and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of you. Remember you are always welcome to visit as we are your Sullivans Family.

Last but not least the NEW uniforms are on the way!!! Once they arrive information will be sent out from LCDR Melanie Pawli on how you may get yours.

Please see attached newsletter piece from LTJG Ryan.

LCDR Todd Caughill

Executive Officer Message

Good Morning Parents, Officers, Staff, and cadets. I am sitting on my deck this morning reflecting on the year that is 2020. What a year it has been so far, sad and disappointing and so many missed opportunities.

The corona virus crippled the very way we live and as we all know much of the way we lived before has changed. We still have not had a regular drill since March and our summer programs appear to be changed as well. Our graduating seniors have missed so much this year. No spring sports, no prom and even graduations are different at best. Here within our program our seniors are left for wanting.

Just as life appears to be on the verge of rebuilding, and coming back we are forced to confront another kind of pandemic. The protests and riots that have rocked our country and the world at large are paralyzing, fearful, and life threatening. I for one cannot agree with the threats, the violence, the destruction of property, and the killing of other people, but the protests, those are a welcomed site.

Protests are an expression of the 1st Amendment of the constitution

“Congress shall make no law… abridging…the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Whether I or you agree with the protests is really irrelevant, it is our constitution at work and that is a beautiful thing. It is what we live and die for, it is what sets our country apart from any other in the world; it is what makes us a great nation! I do think the protests make us look at ourselves as a country and realize there is still a lot of hate in this country and this world. To see someone as less than yourself simply for the shade of their skin is ignorance at its very core. It should have no place in our country and should not be tolerated in any form anywhere!

I have hope for our country, and for our way of life. I think we will fight our way back to the free lifestyle we enjoyed pre corona, I hope we find a way to look past the color of one’s skin and call out racism when we see it as an intolerable offense. I know we are looking forward to restarting our Sea Cadet program with regular monthly drills, and the talks of some summer trainings. Life is starting to spring, if only a little late. We have the new type III uniforms finally ordered and shipping to us this week. Soon we may finally be putting away the cameras and the ZOOM sessions and finally start our program up. Now is the time to start getting ready, make sure you have all your uniform parts together, see what fits and what you need. You may not be given very much notice when we schedule a drill so be as prepared as you can be now.

To our graduates, I am sorry, and hopeful. I am sorry you missed so much your final year of high school. I am sorry that your school, and after school activities have been cut so short. I am sorry that the world you enter right now as young adults is so filled with turmoil, conflict, and hatred. I am hopeful because I know that because of this turmoil you all will be stronger, more determined adults. You will not allow the stumbling of those who went before you bring down our way of life. I am hopeful that this ordeal will make you all better, stronger, more tolerant leaders in and out of military service.

As for our seniors I want to thank each and every one of you for your “service” in the Sea Cadet program. You have all done well in our program and served in many capacities both in program and out of the program. I hope you all have fond memories of your time here and have learned many leadership qualities that will help you to lead our nation in any capacity you choose to fill.

I’d like to take one last moment to recognize all of our seniors and tell of their plans.

Our Cadets that have chosen to attend colleges and universities are as follows:

PO2 Rivera with a scholarship
CPO Rosales with ROTC scholarship
CPO Strasburg with a scholarship

Our cadets that have chosen to enter the service are as follows:

SN Covert – Navy
PO1 Fallon – Navy
SA-T Reynolds – Navy

Congratulations and the best of luck to you all.

LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC
XO The Sullivans Division/Training Ship Little Rock