Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – MAY 2020

From The Desk of the CO

Greetings from My Livingroom

I hope everyone is healthy and happy. I know you are all being overrun with schoolwork and web meetings etc. I am sure your parents are looking forward to life getting back to business as usual. I hope you would also like to get back on the ships and prepare for summer trainings.
Yes, summer trainings are starting to be cancelled. All the Early summer trainings have been cancelled at this time. July and after are still being considered along with some web-based trainings, Local Trainings etc.
The web-based trainings are so far,
Virtual Training: Virtual advanced training opportunities will be available for cadets including firefighting, arson investigation, crime scene investigation & forensic science, culinary arts, naval history, emergency management, seamanship which includes virtual tours of multiple ships, marine science, and more! Cadets can take as many of these virtual trainings as they want but only two can be used for promotion credit. Be sure to check the training list on Homeport on 01 May for virtual offerings.

Virtual Drills: Coming soon NHQ will be offering a template for units or individuals to use to participate in virtual unit drill activities. This template will provide an opportunity for cadets to virtually participate in
many activities that typically occur at unit drills, all while maintaining healthy safe social distancing measures. Stay tuned for more details in our next weekly update.

ALERT: Several emails have been sent recently and almost no cadet has responded to them! These emails are important and all communication from the Division is to be returned minimally as at least “received”.
Petty Officers need to check in with cadets and make sure messages are being received.

PRT! An Email was sent out with PRT information and no-one replied as received. Your time is running out to complete the PRT as described or you will not be qualified for trainings of any type and your next promotion may be held up.

The Division will have information coming out soon for better communication, news and projects for you to complete. Now is the time for you to stand out from the rest! Send ideas for things we can do or ways to improve the training now and when we are able to return to business. I truly hope you and your families are doing great and let’s hope this ends soon.

LCDR Todd A. Caughill
Commanding Officer
The Sullivans Division
Training Ship Little Rock

Executive Officer Message
Greetings! I hope this finds you all healthy and safe. I am sure most of you are growing tired and frustrated with this stand still. I know I am. People big and small were meant to move, do things, and be active. I think this is why it is so frustrating to us to stay at home. The first thing we do while still infants is try to move, we learn to crawl, later as we get older we want to move more, we learn to walk. The more we move the more we become active and explore. We run, harnessed animals to ride, designed ships and cars to send us further and faster, we learned how to move about the skies and eventually space. People have a desire to move it sets us free.

This is why the “time out” is an effective discipline tool for parents. It is designed to stop our kids in place, keeps them safe, and allows them time to think about their actions. That’s what we should be doing with this time we have now, be safe and think about things. This will come to an end, but what have you learned? Unlike a discipline “time out” where we need to think about corrective actions, instead we can think about what we want to see from our fresh start. We can think about what positives have come from this period, there are some I know I’ve had some GREAT times with my family. We can think about what we can do to improve upon ourselves and the things around us when we start back up.

Unlike the traditional “time out” I gave my children, in this period we can still do some things, just not in the same fashion. As I write this now, two of your shipmates have already tested from the comfort of their homes towards their advancement. Several more of you can do the same. Also at this time two of you have performed the PRT and sent back their cards, well done! You cannot advance, or attend trainings without the PRT and after 15MAY20 you will not have another opportunity till October. Many of you have handed in coursework and submitted entries into our various projects. I salute all of you who have done so. On Tuesday 28APR20 at 19:30 there will be a ZOOM meeting for the entire Sullivans Division. For most of you it will be the first time since March that you’ve seen some of your shipmates. Plan on attending this chance to see, and share with your shipmates.

This is a depressing time; “time outs” are never a happy, fun filled time. You have the power inside you to make it the best learning opportunity you can. You can begin to move slowly towards a better future when we get back by taking advantage of as many “opportunities” as you can right now. No they are not like we are used to doing it and some seem really dumb and meaningless, but they help keep us together as a unit and point us to a time we can be free to RUN.

Stay safe, be healthy, and participate where you can.
LTJG Richard J. Ryan, USNSCC
Executive Officer
Sullivans Division NSCC / Training Ship Little Rock NLCC

Updated Contact Information – Please use these emails moving forward for all Sea Cadet Correspondences.
LCDR Todd Caughill –
LCDR Melanie Pawli –
LTJG Rick Ryan –

Contact Information Update!
To All;
In order to make sure you are receiving information from NHQ and the unit, I am asking all of you to please email the following information through your chain. OIC’s please forward me the information.

Cadet Cell Number
Cadet email
Cadet address
Parents Cell number
Parents email

Drill dates for the 2020 year.
Drill Dates moving forward will be announced as events unfold. Please watch you emails for REQUIRED zoom meeting.

JULY 11/12 SUMMER TRAINING 2020 – 7/25 -8/1
Check your email for Zoom meeting information.
Upcoming Drill Dates