Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – MARCH 2020

From The Desk Of The CO
A Few Thoughts

I wanted to take a moment and thank LCDR Joseph Pawli for his leadership and commitment to the Sullivans Division all these years. We have always said this program is for the cadets and have fought for the concept every day. LCDR Pawli in fact, will not be leaving us totally and will remain with the Division. From time to time he will have to devote his efforts to his newly appointed position as our Regional Director; a position that was earned and is well deserved. As a friend and colleague, I say Bravo Zulu sir and the future looks to remain bright for us and the Sea Cadets organization.

To the staff and cadets of the Sullivans Division; I wish to also say that you are without a doubt the most dedicated and cadet-oriented staff of any Division. I appreciate all that you do for the Division and look forward to a continued productive relationship. I am excited about all the plans in the future starting with our trip to Canada. A few of you have already spoken with me about new ideas going forward and I welcome all input from the officer staff as well as our cadets.
Let’s have a great Fundraiser on Saturday and enjoy our friends and family before getting back to business. It is important for all cadets to be prepared and ready to shine.

LCDR Todd A. Caughill

Important Information

INSPECTION – The Inspection date has been moved to March 8th. You are to arrive in a Cleaned Pressed uniform with your name tag & ribbons on it. You should have a clean cover and shined shoes. Males, hair needs to be the proper length and you must be clean shaven. Females your hair must be properly secured NO nail polish unless it is clear or flesh colored. No piercing unless it’s in regulations.

Pancake Breakfast – Saturday March 7th is our Pancake Fundraiser. Proceeds will go toward our trip to Canada in June.
Report time: 0730 in NWU’s
Location: Applebee’s 1050 Union Road West Seneca, NY 14224-340
We will need a few officers and parents to help out.

Change of Command – At March drill we will be very busy, Saturday will be the pancake breakfast and Sunday will be our inspection and Change of Command where LDCR Joseph Pawli will be stepping down as unit CO and handing it over to LCDR Todd A. Caughill. LCDR Pawli has moved onto another position within the Corps as Regional Director.

Medical Forms: If you received a notice or email that medical forms were due I need to have them at this drill.

Sea Bag List
REMEMBER, even if it is not an overnight drill, you are still required to have a sea bag with the necessary contents. Meals are $10 per cadet for the weekend. Please make sure you have your money. Exact change is preferred. Thank you.
 *Sneakers and PT gear.
* NWU uniform and/or Dress Uniform See Drill Date Section for what is needed.
 *Pens and pencils, paper, and coursework.
 *Bring appropriate outdoor clothing in case we go outside!

Recruitment Information
Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative who is interested in joining, let LCDR J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program to them.

Shooting Information
To be announced at drill


Pancake Breakfast – 07MAR2020 – This is a full drill day for us as after the breakfast we will be going back to the NOSC to finish off the day. Tickets can still be purchased at the door for $6 each.

March 8th – Inspection & Change of Command

APRIL – 4/5 PRT & Move to Ships (Remember to go to any training and stay with the unit you must pass the PRT)

MAY – 2/3 Graduation on Sunday May 3rd (due to the trip in June will hold graduation early)

MAY – 9 Armed Forces Week – Military Ball

JUNE – 6/7 Trip to Canada – We will be leaving Friday evening and returning Sunday Afternoon.

SUMMER TRAINING 2020 – 7/25 -8/1