Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – October 2017

From The Desk Of The CO


This weekend we have the following going on:

PRT – Annual PRT which must be completed by all cadets – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Moving to the NOSC on Sunday

Just a reminder that the LCS9 Little Rock is due to arrive on 16DEC17 – This will be an all hands event. More details to follow as we receive them.

Winter Training is just around the corner, if you are interested in going please send a chit up your chain. You must have completed Boot Camp, have a complete BMR, current in your course work and have passed your PRT.

Christmas Banquet is around the corner, I will have complete details at drill and on the website.



LT Joseph Pawli

The Sullivans Division – “We Stick Together”

14 OCT 2017
Location: Buffalo Naval Park

Report Time:

0715 – Officers

0730 – Cadets

Dismissal: 1545

Uniform of the Day:  NWU’s

This will not be an overnight!!

***Meals will be $10 for the weekend.

15 OCT 2017
Location: Buffalo Naval Park

Report Time:

0715 – Officers

0730 – Cadets

Dismissal: 1545

Uniform of the Day:  NWU’s

Parents, you MUST come aboard the ship to pick up your child. NO EXCEPTIONS!

November Drill Dates
Return to the NOSC
4th & 5th

December Drill Dates
Saturday the 9th is the annual Awards Banquet; this is an ALL HANDS event!

January Drill Dates
6th & 7th
Drill AND possible
Inspection. All hands event;

From the Desk of the Training and Awards/Ribbons Officer

Good afternoon. There is a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to drop. A sure sign that fall is here. With that brings to mind some things we have to get ready for. One is the move back to our home away from home; Yep, this month we prepare to move off the ships and to the NOSC. I hope everyone is ready to pitch in this month. The second is preparation for the upcoming inspection. There is still time to finish strong but that means we need to have coursework and promotions up to date. I spoke to a lot of you at last drill but I need to remind all of you that I want to have coursework in at every drill. If you want to email me a copy of your coursework ahead of drill you can do so at I will grade it as I get it. No excuses to let coursework hold you up for a promotion. Also make sure you are ready to test. If you are eligible for a test, we want to see you test.

As for the awards and ribbons, I know many of you are wondering why you did not receive the acknowledgement of your summer training as of yet. We have an error in our system and need  to view your ribbon rack. I need you ALL to bring in your ribbon rack, even if you did not attend summer trainings. I want to make sure you are wearing everything you are entitled to wear. I will make an attempt to have every cadet visit me in admin this weekend, hopefully alphabetically, but we will work out whatever system is necessary. Make sure you have your ribbon rack at drill.

Colorguard Recognition

Bravo Zulu to Cadets Fallon, B. Foeller, E. Foeller, Lawson, and Shealy for representing our division at the USS The Sullivans DD-537/DDG-68 Ship Reunion, on 23 SEPT 17 at the Millenium Hotel.  The cadets received much praise and thanks for their Colorguard.  They also had the honor of meeting and speaking with the granddaughter of Albert Leo Sullivan, who was especially moved by the fact that our sea cadet unit here in Buffalo, holds her family in the highest regards.

Also, while these cadets did an outstanding job and stepped up when the request was made for this colorguard, we are still in need of a sharp, core colorguard.  These are cadets who are willing to learn colorguard commands, have excellent military bearing, and can be available on short notice in some cases.

If you are interested, see SN Fallon.

Attention Auxillary and Parents:

We need 2-4 people to handle sending the donation letters and gathering the donations for the Awards Banquet.  If you are willing and able to assist, please call Lt. M Pawli ASAP at 716-892-0769 or

**Sea Bag List**

REMEMBER, even if it is not an overnight drill, you are still required to have a sea bag with the necessary contents.

  • Meals are $10 per cadet for Saturday and Sunday meals. Please make sure you have your Exact change is preferred. Thank you.
  • Sneakers and PT gear.
  • NWU uniform and/or Dress Uniform
  • Pens and pencils, paper, and coursework
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket & Pillow
  • Sleeping gear (most cadets sleep in sweats)
  • Toiletries: brush/comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, wash cloth, soap, razors, and deodorant. (Most people find travel size items to be sufficient).

Recruitment Information

Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative who is interested in joining, let LT J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program to them.

Shooting Information

Shooting will be on Thursday, 19 OCT 17, at 1900.  10 cadets are needed.  Cost is $11.00; please bring exact change.  See the Midshipman at drill if you want to sign up.  Must be 12 or older to attend shooting.

Mohawk Rifle & Pistol Club
851 Sheridan Drive
Tonawanda, NY  14150

Urgent Reminder

Next month when we go to the NOSC you must have proper ID to enter. Cadets need to have their ID and parents you must have your driver license, passport or military ID to pick up your child.

This is a secure building and we must follow their request.


Important Dates/Info

  • October 14 & 15 – last drill on the ship
  • November 4 & 5 – First drill at the NOSC
  • December 9 & 10 – The annual awards banquet will be held Saturday the 9th. This is an all hands event!
  • January 6 & 7 – Drill and possible inspection – All hands event NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS EVENT.
  • February 3 & 4 – Drill
  • March 3 & 4 – Drill
  • April 7 & 8 – Drill
  • April is usually the month we do our annual pancake breakfast. I will update everyone as soon as I have full details.
  • May 5 & 6 – Drill
  • June 2 & 3 – Drill – Sunday will be graduation
  • July – Buffalo Summer training July 21st – 28th Family picnic TBD
  • August 4 & 5 – Drill
  • September 15 & 16 – Drill

As other events come up I will continue to add to the list every month.


Don’t forget to shop at to help us raise funds. Just go there choose The Sullivans Division as your charity and shop as always. A small percentage of your purchase goes directly to the unit. No selling involved!

Also keep in the loop of events, drill dates etc. by using Remind!

Just text @Sullivansd to 81010

BZ to SA Rivera who came in first place in his 3 mile heat at the Bone Frog Race ranking 11th place over all out of 216 people! Don’t know what that is Google it or ask a shipmate that was there, everyone had an awesome time helping out such a great cause. Funds raised went to:

The Navy SEAL Foundation who stands behind all U.S. Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, Naval Special Warfare support personnel, and their spouses and children. The Foundation coordinates closely with NSW commands to support critical needs of active-duty operators while also providing resources for NSW veterans. Our work is focused on three key areas: family services and command support, educational programs, and legacy activities.

Our mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and their families.