Action Alert – Sullivans Division Sea Cadet Newsletter – September 2017

From The Desk Of The CO

The summer season has flown by! Time to start preparing for INSPECTION!! We only have two more months aboard the ships before we return to our winter home at the NOSC. I want to touch base as you are back in school participating in various activities. I want you to remember even though you play football, swim, are in band etc… We still have an attendance policy. Cadets have been lacking lately in outside functions, especially All Hands Events. We
are no different than your school sports. Our drills are like your practices, our color guards, parades and community service is like your game. We need you there for both, just like your team does, because we are a TEAM. We give some leeway when we can, but in turn we expect the same back. So take a look at the upcoming functions and I hope to see you there. Another issue that is taking place is responding to email requests, it does not matter if you can
or can’t attend a function we need a response. No matter who is making the request you need to respond!

On that note please take note of the upcoming events page!

The Sullivans Division – “We Stick Together”

LT Joseph E Pawli

16 SEP 2017
Location: Buffalo Naval Park
Report Time:

0715 – Officers

0730 – Cadets

Uniform of the Day:  NWU’s

***Meals will be $20 for the weekend.

This includes: Lunch and Dinner on Saturday and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday

17 SEP 2017
Location: Buffalo Naval Park

Uniform of the Day:  NWU’s

Dismissal will be at the normal time On Sunday – 1545

You must come aboard the ship to pick up your cadet! NO EXCEPTIONS

October Drill Dates
14th & 15th
Buffalo Naval Park
Overnight may be
cancelled but there will
still be drill

November Drill Dates
Return to the NOSC
4th & 5th

December Drill Dates
9th & 10th
Annual Awards Banquet
& Chinese Auction!
This is an all hands event!

**Sea Bag List**
REMEMBER, even if it is not an overnight drill, you are still required to have a sea bag with the necessary contents.

  • Meals are $20 per cadet for meals. Please make sure you have your money. Exact change is preferred. Thank you.
  • Sneakers and PT gear.
  • NWU uniform and/or Dress Uniform
  • Pens and pencils, paper, and coursework
  • Sleeping bag/blanket & pillow
  • Sleeping gear ( most cadets sleep in sweats)
  • Toiletries – brush/comb, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, wash cloth, razors and deodorant

Recruitment Information
Remember each and every one of you is our best recruiter. If you would like to bring a friend/neighbor/relative who is interested in joining, let LT J. Pawli know in order to pass along the information about the program to them.

Shooting Information
Shooting will be on Thursday, 21 SEP 17, at 1900. 10 cadets are needed. Cost is $11.00; please bring exact change. See the Midshipman  Simone/LT J at drill if you want to sign up. Must be 12 or older to attend shooting.
Mohawk Rifle & Pistol Club
851 Sheridan Drive
Tonawanda, NY 14150

Upcoming Events!

Attention Auxiliary and Parents I need 2-4 people to handle sending the donation letters and gathering the donations for the Banquet. If you are able to assist please call me
ASAP at 716-892-0769 or

September 23rd – If you wanted to attend the Bonefrog event and responded as you were asked to do so please check your email in the next couple of days for full details.

Color Guard – September 23rd – Millennium Hotel for USS The Sullivans DD-537/DDG-68 Association…”We Stick Together” Hosts-2017 Reunion, Buffalo, NY.
Report time: 1715
Dismissal: Approx.1800
The color guard has been invited to stay for dinner.

September 30th – October 1st – Acorn run at Genesee County Park. I need 2 Adults and 10-12 cadets for this event. You will go to the park and set up for the run on Saturday and spend the night and Sunday you will assist with the run. Please contact LT M Pawli ASAP if you are interested at 716-892-0769 or


October 14 & 15 – last drill on the ship

November 4 & 5 – First drill at the NOSC

December 9 & 10 – The annual awards banquet will be held Saturday the 9th. This is an all hands event!

January 6 & 7 – Drill and possible inspection – All hands event NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS EVENT.

February 3 & 4 – Drill

March 3 & 4 – Drill

April 7 & 8 – Drill – April is usually the month we do our annual pancake breakfast. I will update everyone as soon
as I have full details.

May 5 & 6 – Drill

June 2 & 3 – Drill – Sunday will be graduation

July – Buffalo Summer training July 21st – 28th Family picnic TBD

August 4 & 5 – Drill

September 15 & 16 – Drill

As other events come up I will continue to add to the list every month.

We are in need of a sharp core color guard! This is a cadet willing to learn color guard commands, has excellent military bearing and can be available on short notice in some cases.